About Us

Harvest Export is a service-oriented agricultural export company providing Palestinian agricultural cooperatives and farmers in Gaza and the West Bank the opportunity to export high-value, high-quality products to new and existing markets. (For more information on where we are currently exporting please visit our Target Markets page)

Established in 2005, and based in Gaza , Harvest Export

  • Registered the first and only Palestinian-owned agricultural products trademark
  • Markets and sells Palestinian agricultural products in European, Russian, Arabian Gulf , US and Israeli markets
  • Provides financial and technical support services to producers to guarantee quality and quantity of product supply
  • Performs logistics services including product grading, quality control and the end-to-end cold chain critical to the transfer of products
  • Operates state-of-the-art distribution centers adjacent to commercial border crossings to facilitate timely processing of exports.
  • Serves as an intermediary between Palestinian producers and international agricultural importers.

Harvest Export provides comprehensive product documentation preparation services, as well as streamlined, cost efficient packing, loading and terminal crossing operations for exporters. Our international staff is fluent in Hebrew, English, Arabic and French, whose diverse cultural and educational backgrounds minimize the impact of cultural differences while maximizing trade potential for all parties involved.

Harvest Export helps Palestinian farmers and agricultural cooperatives get their products from field to the buyer's warehouses quickly, safely and efficiently. We also work with overseas buyers who may have a great interest in Palestinian products, but may not know how to best search the market for products, or speak the language proficiently. Both aspects are essential for negotiating the best prices or effectively customizing products and documentation to meet local import/export laws.

Our knowledge and philosophy create an ideal climate for profitable business exchange between export-ready manufacturers and their import-ready counterparts.

2006 Harvest Export.