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For International Buyers of Palestinian Agricultural Products

By aggressively keeping in step with technology and maintaining personal business relationships with Palestinian growers and government ministries, Harvest Export created a unique market position to pursue import/export needs. Through our strong business and banking relationships we are able to receive the most competitive prices in the market for top quality products.

Palestinian agricultural products are renowned for their high quality, unique tastes, and the emotional " Holy Land " appeal. With many varieties and options to choose from, you need a purchasing agent fluent in Arabic to find and evaluate the best potential products for your market. Harvest works with a diverse buyer base worldwide; ranging from brokers and traders to supermarkets and wholesalers. Harvest Export services the needs of agricultural importers under the exclusive Palestinian trademark: fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and herbs.

  • Palestinian Brand Name: Many different types of agricultural products marketed under the Palestinian brand name are available for export. Our direct, one-on-one relationships with our suppliers, our extremely competitive rates, and the high-quality of our products make Harvest your ideal choice for Palestinian agricultural exports.
  • Generic: Harvest also offers a category of agricultural products suitable for food manufacturers of processed foods. The quality and packaging are just as good, but at a more competitive price. Generics generally do not meet the aesthetic standards required for direct to consumer markets, but meet every other standard of freshness and quality.
Please see our Products pages for more details on many of the products we are currently offering for export.
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